Slimaction Slimming Gel (100ml)

The Slimaction Gel is specifically formulated from combination of researched ingredients to maximise the weight loss and cellulite smoothing effect of the Evita Slimsonic.

Slimaction Gel cotains only FDA approved ingredients and is GMP-certified as safe and effective.

The Evita Slimsonic is only one part of the equation with the Slimaction Gel being a crucial component. It's ingredients help the transfer of the Slimsonic's energies into the body as they increase the conductivity of the skin for the ultrasound to achieve maximum penetration.

The Gel contains the correct balance of ingredients to ensure the maximum contact with the skin and the most effecient transfer of the Slimsonic's ultrasound waves.

Slimaction Gel also includes ingredients which are designed to reduce fat and smooth cellulite in their own right.

Slimaction Slimming Gel